Accoya Gates 50 Years against Rot & 30% more stable than any other wood.

Accoya Gates for stability.

Perfect stability for Painting.

Accoya Gates are the premium wood to manufacture your gates out of, with some of the best performance to withstand the weather that we have achieved in over thirty years of wooden gate manufacturing. Lasting fifty years above ground and twenty five years below ground/freshwater Accoya out performs even Teak.

Dimensionally Stable allowing seventy five percent less movement, which leads to less maintenance costs and a better performing product.

Accoya treated wood has been thoroughly tested for dimensional stability, durability, paint retention and in-ground conditions to ensure optimal performance.

A close look at a spray shop stain finish on Accoya Driveway gates.

With Accoya being such a stable timber we at Mitech are able to push the design of your gateway knowing that it will deliver an excellent level of long term performance.

Solid Boarded Pair of Light Oak stained Accoya gates.

By enhancing the durability and dimensional stability of fast growing and abundantly available certified wood species. Accoya wood provides compelling environmental advantages over slow-growing hardwoods, woods treated with toil chemicals and non-renewable carbon intensive materials such as plastics, metals and concrete.

To produce Accoya, only abundantly available wood species are being used from certified, sustainable managed forests and plantations, including FSC certified woods. All Accoya wood is compliant with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR)