Rear Mounted Automation

The beauty of rear-mounted automation is its less obtrusive on your driveway base as they sit on the rear of the gate. Where as the underground automation needs installing in the floor causing you to have to excavate the area and have general disturbance at the base of your posts or brick piers. The same cable runs are required to either side of the gateposts, which are unavoidable whichever form of automation you choose. If you have existing manual wooden gates the rear mounted automation can be retro fitted later down the line. We often have customers that fit automation a year later, so to spread the cost of the whole project. There are a wide range of rear mounted automation motors on the market depending on the size of your gate and frequency of use. We can select according to your gate application,size and weight of gate. Rear mounted automation is often used on five bar gates as they deliver a great amount of power on a style of gate that often reaches the length of twelve feet long. Bolted to the top rail the worm driven motor produces the performace that is required to power a large barred gate.


The below picture is a typical example of a rear mounted worm driven operator.You can just see the top of the grey casing of the motor arm.