Entry Gates

Entry gates are one of the most important types of gate that we manufacture at Mitech. They have one specific criteria and that is to provide security and privacy more than often to the side of your property. You can see from the pictures with in this page they can come in all shapes and sizes. Painted, stained and oiled they provide that necessary piece of mind, that the rear of your property is safe from potential theft or intruders. There are three mains types of locking devices available for your entry gate. The first is the mortice lock and handle used with a conventional key. The second is a long throw gate lock which can be locked from both sides as per the mortice lock. Locking is achieved with a flat Yale type key for ease of use. The third type is a brenton bolt which can be locked from inside only. All three methods provide a good front line of security to your home. All these types of security can be found on our Ironmongery and hinges page link www.mitechjoinery.co.uk/ironmongery-and-hinges .

Security and privacy being the main function of your side Entry gate doesn’t stop you from making an architectural statement. Designs vary in style spending on the location and the style of the property. The gap may be in a hole in the wall or a gap between two house. What ever the installation requirements we will purpose manufacture the ideal entry gate to do the job.