Purpose Made wooden Gates

Making your Hardwood Gates is a personal and special process that generates a one off purpose made pair of gates just for you. There are proven formulas of type and design that have been used over the years, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been made to the exact height and width to suit your drive way exactly.

We can take all sorts of potential designs from a more Contemporary modern design and use stainless, glass and powder coated purpose made hinges to a more traditional design that suit that area of the country and lends its self to your property.What ever the requirements of the customer we will work with you every step of the way to ensure a unique end product that has got all your needs and ideas in them is made. With over twenty five years of design experience we will be able to put together a set of hardwood gates that makes the right statement and provides the right requirement for you.

From manual to automated gates, at Mitech will be design with both beauty and function in mind. To achieve the end result that you as the customer are looking for in a pair of purpose made gates. As part of the design process we will listen to requirements and put together a CAD drawing for you. So you can get a full comprehensive understanding of what we are proposing to manufacture. We shall go through the different timber species and the various finishes there are to offer and help you choose the correct application for your gate way project.