CAD Drawing Wooden Gate Designs

Cad drawing wooden gates is one of the most important factors in developing the correct visual look and proportioning the gates in both timber section,width and hight. After conversations and a site visit with the customer we will collate the correct information to put the initial idea down in a drawing. With the help of CAD we can see the true scales and proportion of the size of gate that potentially would be fitted on your drive. Orders can often come to us from far afield in the country, its at this point cad drawings are invaluable to work with. The posts or wall positions can be shown along with the exact pin measurements for the builder to work to. Giving a common point of referral between our office and the customer to discuss changes,measurements and the scale of what is exactly going to be made. Customers often don’t know the actual timber sizes used within the construction of their gates. In our designs we can show every detail of the construction. Timber sections (Sizes) play a part of dimension of the over all gate look. Larger timber sections show strength and boldness . Small spindles or steel bars need to be subtle yet stylish. All these very important factors are gone through in detail with the client before manufacturing starts. Thus avoiding costly mistakes and disappointment on delivery. The office at Mitech will be investing more time and money in the best CAD systems that show our customers how their wooden gates are going to look in their final point of installation.