Design and Installation



We install Automation equipment with in an hours radius of the Midlands. As this ensures that the electric gate equipment is backed up with ease if there is a fault.It ensures that the waiting time for the back up is at minimum inconvenience to the customer.

Manual installations can be fitted further a field depending on complexity and location. There are less components with in a manual installation to go wrong so the gates can be swung as part of the delivery. We take full care to ensure every aspect of your installation has the attention that it requires and we have come to expected to deliver over the years of proven installations we have under our belt.

Below you can see four main styles of swinging both automated and manual gates on Oak posts or brick piers. As you can see the distance between the posts are the same but the gate size is different on each type of installation. Choosing the right method is critical according to your site,the over all look and most of all the implication of the correct safety when automating. Back hanging lends its self to safety ribs better than the other two so is favoured in the automation trade.

Steel core inners

Brick Piers with steel core inners

CAD drawing are supplied once an order is in place.

All details of brick piers with steel core inners are agreed for the best safety results.

Brick Piers

Brick Piers with Steel core Inners.

Rear hanging on new Brick Piers

Rear hanging pier layout

Safety is built in at the post/pier stage of every installation.

Installing automation on existing swinging gates makes it difficult to ensure adequate safety is installed.

In-between Regulation Installation Complete

Regulation Hinge

A safe installation of automation and gates is based on its initial design and layout.

Regulating your hinge gap if possible with a non diminishing hinge lay out will do away with the use of Ribs, which can fault down the line.

Rear hung

Rear Hung

Rear hung on Oak posts is a common method of installation. Leaving enough room in-between gate and post for a safety rib to prevent trapping.

Completed Insaallation

Completed Installation

Going to the trouble of installing your gates from scratch ensures every element is covered.

From correct set out of gates to steel work inside the brick piers.