Gate Gallery

In this gallery we have created the individual classification of each design. It is hard to place all our gates in a particular category, as they are be-spoke manufactured. As a guideline we have grouped similar styles together for ease of use. This page is often used when having a conversation with customers on the first inquiry. This Gate Gallery is constantly growing with fresh and new pictures of recently made and installed gates. Each collection of gates can have a fundamental same design that runs through out that group, but with slight variations that make some the gates individual to that particular customer. There are a lot of total one off designs that have been created to embrace the surrounding environment. Spending time working through the potential possibilities pays off in the long run with delivery you the customer a personal manufactured pair of wooden gates.

The solid boarded serpentine gate is very popular as it delivers the security and privacy that is often required by our customers. Contemporary gates are now in high demand due to the more modern approach being taken to properties. It gives us a chance to mix stainless steel, glass and aluminum together in one set of gates. Pathway Gates are a long time served design that brings class and elegance to any property.

Wooden Gate Gallery and Designs