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The area of London demands the widest of styles and function ability from our Hardwood Gates. One project that we are very proud of was situated in the area of Totteridge. Totteridge has many beautiful spacious detached properties in lush green landscapes that are highly valued; some of them are among the most expensive houses in the London area. Its past and present residents have included the rich and famous, including Cliff Richards, Hank Marvin and many top footballers.The area has many sites that are preserved, non-more than Totteridge Common its self.

So when it came to making a replacement gateway, pedestrian gate and walled garden pedestrian replacement gate, a great deal of thought and consideration had to be put into the correct approved style. The bottom line regarding design was that we had to make like for like. After considering all measurements and pictures we set about duplicating the old design sympathetically. We were extremely delighted with the end product and take pride in achieving a very authentic renew of an old classic.Since this project we have been covering a large portion of the
London area. The development of properties has been on the increase and along side this comes the need for a good well-made set of hardwood gates London.Take a look at our extensive range of hardwood gates in

The style of gate that is sought after in the London area can be more abstract. There are opportunities to bring other materials into the manufacturing process. Architects in the South areas are being pushed to create new and interesting designs. We at Mitech work hand in hand with architects to introduce new and interesting materials into the gate construction. Glass, stainless are just two materials that are often being used with in the construction of our wooden gates. Please contact Robert on 01773 741730 for a free wooden gate consultation.