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Automated Accoya Gates

Two sets of Automated Gates in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Both manufactured from Accoya for stability and 40 plus years against rot. Not forgetting its environmentally friendly. Both fitted on Underground L Fab NICE 24 volt motors. Videx GSM Intercom with keypad for gate connectivity. All timber work finished off with a four coat spray shop Sikkens [...]

Painted Accoya Gates In Nottingham

A simple set of Painted Accoya Gates on new steel posts securing the bottom entrance of a Nottingham Garden. Purpose made laser Cut hinges to follow the design of the top rail, finishing it off with a touch of class.

Gates manufactured out of Accoya are guaranteed against Rot for over 40 Years.



Mitech Joinery,have been established for over 30 Years


We have built our company over the last 30 years on outstanding quality and customer service, with the ability to deliver designs that push the boundaries of gate making.

Our company has refined the art of making and ordering hardwood gates and Accoya Gates. We can take your initial enquiry over the phone or by email, and support you through the costing, design and installation phases of your gate project; guiding you with our years of knowledge in this industry at your disposal.

Making gates from wood is a specialised process, which is achievable only by specialists in this field. We here at Mitech consider ourselves gate technicians, specialising and excelling in this trade, and this trade alone.

We all share a passion for the work and techniques that go into every set of wooden gates for sale, and all aspects of how the product is made have been developed to maximise its lifespan when fitted to its final resting place.

Tracking all details from board expansion to the end grain sealant of every joint, selecting the best grade hardwoods for durability and longevity, designing and manufacturing specialised hinges to work in conjunction with gate designs that are sensitive to excess braces and struts; we have the experience to make your gates blend into their surroundings and work harmoniously with the local environment.

Our craftsman have the best machines, tooling and stock on the market, to ensure there is the perfect balance of modern machines with traditional time-proven methods. Along with our finishing shop, you are guaranteed to get the perfect set of gates for any driveway.

Please contact Robert in our office to make your gate ideas come true!

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