Purpose designed wooden gates

Some times a Purpose designed wooden gates job comes a long that throws down a challenge to which is the best way forward with achieving every objective in front of you. A client from Portsmouth has a four metre wide drive way of which there happens to be a tree set back in the way for him to have a pair of gates. We worked together to create a design which would allow a small gate to open just in front of the tree, leaving a large gate leaf spanning the remaining drive. The larger challenge was the customer really wanted a pair of serpentines, so the challenge was to make an unequal pair look like a pair from the front and the back as much as structurally possible. Keeping the flow of the serpentine top and yet not interrupting the rails going the full length of the gate (Rails can not be broken!!)

Hinges were going to play a large role with supporting the larger leaf. In the pictures below you can see that its the classic L section to brace the corner out and still make the gates fully adjustable. Large Green Oak posts ten inches by ten inches to give full support that the gates would need. The end project turned out a great success and we managed to tick all the clients gate requirements.



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