Wooden Electric Gates

Electric Gates by Mitech Joinery.

Electric gates are becoming more popular every year. Customers now want more flexibility, and peace of mind that their property will remain safe and sound in their absence.

Today, there are so many different systems to choose from, and Mitech Joinery is dedicated to providing you with only the best solution. We manufacture gates for the Automation Trade across the UK, which provides insight into what is currently trending, and what type of automation is delivering the reliability customers expect.

We design and tailor every electric gateway to your exact needs. For example, if it’s a high use gateway, we will use a system that will withstand the constant motion. This is often found with 24volt systems, as they are built for high frequency of operation.

As most of our handmade electric wooden gates carry an air of class and elegance, we tend to use the underground system. Two good examples of automation motors are the Nice Metro kit and Came Frog AE-P kit, both of which are reliable and strong units.

The beauty of this system is that it is buried at the base of the gate’s hinge-end. With the correct drainage built in, the galvanised box will last for years, as will its stainless steel counterpart, which has a better resistance to rot. As the box is underneath the gate, there is no sign that the gates are automated, giving an all-round professional look to your driveway entrance.

All gates manufactured by Mitech Joinery are made with automation in mind and as part of the strength and structural ability of the wooden frame. Take a basic approach to your automated gates with the three simple factors, below.


1 . Gates need to open and close on demand, or with a handheld key fob on approach.

2 . Visitors with no key fob need a keypad/intercom or side pedestrian gate for access.

3 . Safety! All electric gates should comply with relevant health and safety laws. Safety ribs on areas where trapping is a possibility, crush-tested and approved motors, and safety beams or induction loops to create safe areas of gate operation near vehicles or pedestrians; these are all great examples of a few things to consider.

Once you have considered the above, along with other factors, please feel free to contact us about our electric wooden gates. We will be more than happy to answer any questions and advise accordingly, and site visits can be arranged for further guidance.

Automated Gates