Wooden Gates at Mitech Joinery

Wooden gates at Mitech Joinery has been our main hand made crafted product over the years. During this time the way in which the gates are built and finished has developed with new products from, glues,hinges,paints and stains. The importance is embracing the new materials and incorporating them into the product today. Stains and paints have gone from lead based and oil based over to water based environmental coatings of today. Glues have moved from Cascomite and PVA over to PU power glues which are activated by moisture. Stainless steel fixings are used more frequently to avoid result or reaction to tannins that exist in some timbers. Since 1989 Mitech has embraced the best that the market has to offer to develop our wooden gates to be withstand the weather and changing environment.

Timber has changed over the years especially softwood. We tend to stay clear of softwood as it doesn’t weather especially well. The quality of unsorted Swedish Red Deal (Joinery quality kiln dried Softwood/Redwood) has gone down hill as its grown to fast and is unstable to use out side.

Accoya came onto the market a few years ago of which you will be seeing us talk about a lot this years as definitely the way forward. A little expensive but definitely one of the greatest materials to use in complex gates where stability is required.

The workshop has also developed and grown to support the joinery techniques required in hardwood gate manufacturing. Sanding,Morticing,Tennoning and clamping are the essential requirements of a well kitted out workshop. Tools for every job going have to be close to hand to achieve the quality that our customers have come to expect.



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