Ironmongery and Hinges

One of the key elements of all gateways be it manual or automated is the ironmongery and hinges. They are often the most underestimated part of the project and installation.

Using the correct type of hinge can give you so much more than just hinging the gates to swing. The hinge should be made in such a way that they are fully adjustable so the gates are future proofed against any potential sagging.

L Shaped BracingHalf Nut Hinges

L Bracing will help brace out the corners of the hanging style. Bracing the corners will add a great deal of additional strength to the gate framework and structural integrity of the wooden gate itself. Adjustable for levelling out the gates,as well as being highly functional.Hinges can also embellish the overall design and look of the gates. Giving them the feel and over all look of quality, fit to stand the test of time.

L Shaped Bracing Regulation Hinges

Regulating your hinge gap gets rid of the need for a Safety rib down the hinge end. Making the gates safer mechanically rather than electrically (One less thing to electrically fault in extreme weather). The bearing and housing are stainless and designed in a way that the gap on the hinge side doesn’t increase or decrease on opening (Non diminishing). There are other types of regulating hinges on the market that are less obtrusive. The downside is they require a large section near the top of the gate to be removed to set the hinge in. This will un-arguably weaken this joint and section of the gate. Allowing splits to run and taking a section of joint or area near the joint away.