Wooden Gates in Hertfordshire London

The need for wooden gates in Hertfordshire London is on the increase. Properties at the start of the year have been purchased and people are looking at improving the gateway. Enquiries come through our sales office here in Derby and we have to put together the correct style and guide the customer through a collection of information process. Sizes are checked CAD drawings are done and signed off. Taking time with the customer to ensure this is carefully done is paramount as most of our orders are from the London area. In the pictures listed below we supplied the gates in Iroko Hardwood to a locally based installer in Hertfordshire. This is a perfect situation for the customer as the responsibility is passed to the electric gate installer. The same process and support is required by the automation fitter as it would be a member of the public.


Manufacturing wooden Gates in iroko will allow the material to weather down over time and blend in the the surrounding natural stone colors. Giving the over all appearance the gates have been there for some time. The “Classic Period grey look”.


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