June 23 2016 0Comment

Timeless Garden Trends

Every year there seems to be a new ‘hot list’ for every budding gardener to consider before they don their gloves and head outside to dive into an overgrown flower bed. While it is, of course, fun to change things up based on yearly trends, it can also get quite expensive and labour-intensive, so we’d [...]
June 07 2016 0Comment

Gated Summer Security for your Home

During warmer weather, there aren’t many things that can bring a smile like a family BBQ, complete with a dip in the pool – paddling or otherwise – and a spot of sunbathing. Mowing the lawn, dusting off the garden furniture and the all-important BBQ station, and tending to your flower beds in preparation for [...]
May 19 2016 0Comment

The Gate Design Process

Homeowners want to ensure their house, garden and driveway are always protected from any external threats or worries, as well as keeping their family, pets, and vehicles safe and secure. In addition to being a practical security measure, a wooden gate can be stylish and aesthetically pleasing too, which is exactly what Mitech Joinery strives [...]
May 05 2016 0Comment

Exterior Home Improvements

In the midst of spring, we edge ever closer to longer, brighter days, warmer evenings, and al fresco living. Being stuck indoors during warmer weather can be a drag, but enjoying outdoor space doesn’t have to be exclusive to BBQ nights. With a few simple improvements to your home exterior and garden, you will be [...]
April 10 2016 0Comment

Weather-Proofing your Gate

There was once a time when having a gated driveway was the be-all and end-all finishing touch for a home-owner. Over the years, the idea of protecting your property in this way hasn’t changed – but the gate at the end of your driveway has. Long gone are the painted metal gates and chain link [...]
March 30 2016 0Comment

Protection from the Elements

For many people living in more remote towns and villages the location and scenery are wonderful; rolling hills and natural surroundings as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately, it is these more remote, non-flat areas that are prone to flooding when the country experiences severe weather. While it is not possible to just lift [...]
March 21 2016 0Comment

Spring Clean your Home and Garden

The tradition of a very thorough and deep clean of the home as we enter spring is a practice that began as a way of preparing the home for warmer climes following winter. However, these days it is more than that, it is also a means of de-cluttering and ensuring our homes are as safe, [...]
December 21 2015 0Comment

An Experience that Counts

It feels like just a few weeks ago that we were planning Christmas and New Year’s celebrations and suddenly, Valentine’s Day is upon us… it was literally just a few weeks ago, but time flies when you’re having fun! Now your thoughts will be turning to Valentine’s gifts– but what exactly do you get the [...]
December 15 2015 0Comment

Practically Perfect in Every Way

For many people, gates are often overlooked as a security measure instead of a designed feature of their garden. To deny the craftsmanship that goes into creating lovingly crafted, beautiful wooden gates is to do our carpenters a disservice. Here, at, we strive to change this opinion, and do so by creating some of [...]

Made to Measure

When it comes to decorating your home, there are so many different colours available, so many different patterns, textures and finishes that you can really get your personality across with easily. With the right accents in your furniture and accessories, you can make your home your own relatively quickly. Not many people where the same [...]