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Gated Summer Security for your Home

During warmer weather, there aren’t many things that can bring a smile like a family BBQ, complete with a dip in the pool – paddling or otherwise – and a spot of sunbathing. Mowing the lawn, dusting off the garden furniture and the all-important BBQ station, and tending to your flower beds in preparation for BBQ season is part and parcel of being British; even if our heatwave is followed by a hefty dose of rain to make up for the sunshine!

Whether your garden has an acre of woodland, an outdoor pool and a treehouse, or isn’t much more than a patio, pond, and some lawn space – here in the UK we all love our gardens, especially in the summertime. You might choose to leave your wooden gate open to let the neighbours know they’re welcome or you might leave it locked to keep the grandchildren and the dog safely inside, but you can rest assured that your garden will bask in the sunshine, no matter what.

Safe and Sound

Your wooden gate is the first port of call when it comes to garden security in the UK. Not only are well maintained gardens and locked gates a barrier against potential thieves but it also makes a statement that this home is looked after, cared for and protected.

In order to keep your family and belongings safe, and your home less of a target it is important to keep your possessions out of sight when not in use. Put your lawn mower and garden tools back in the shed – and keep it locked when not in use. Keep your BBQ and garden furniture stored securely to deter any prowlers on the lookout for a quick way of making money.

Security Best Practise

It is recommended that you install wooden gates with a strong and secure lock that is tamper proof and in use. Make use of motion sensor lighting to alert you should anyone enter your garden while you are sleeping. Get all expensive property and garden ware marked with your name and post code – this is especially important for bikes, lawn mowers, the BBQ, and other costly items.

For more information about keeping your garden safe in summer, please click here.

While these measures might seem a little over-protective, it is all worth the effort if it means keeping your home, family and belongings safe and protected. The first step towards ensuring this is by installing a wooden gate that can guarantee privacy as well as safety.

Here at Mitech Joinery, we supply a range of wooden gates like these across the UK, so please contact us on 01773 570577 for further information and to see how we can help you keep your family home and garden safe this summer.


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