Wooden Accoya Gates

Wooden Accoya Gates have their place in quality gate manufacturing. Virtually rot proof with a life expectancy above ground of 50 years, Accoya is hard to ignore when thinking about which timber to use when making gates for your drive. With so many benefits under its belt from natural resistance to UV,Sustainable sourced,non toxic and recyclable and the most important dimensionally stable. The below gates were manufactured by Mitech Joinery out of Accoya, as this was the material that proved to have the best qualities for an outside product and one that has some intricate detail that could be a problem standing the test of weather and what the local environment subjects it to. Its ideal to paint as its constant in quality and texture. You do need to machine the wood up and give it a little time to relax as you can get a little grain heave when compressed through planing machines. Acacia does take some of the worry out of panels swelling up and being troublesome as its very dimensionally stable. This factor is even greater appreciated when making raised field and panelled gates or any design that requires as much stability as possible. Cost is about the only down side to Accoya but its worth the money if used in conjunction with Medite(trycoya) as panels can be formed very quickly with out having to glue or laminate together having been supplied in eight by four sheets.

Altogether a fantastic material to make a quality set of gates out of, straight, reliable and a naturally beautiful looking timber.