24volt Automation

24volt Automation. EN Tested and approved.

In the case of the underground CAME frog motor, they have been tested in lab conditions and meet the European standard EN12445 and EN12453 standards, in the form of crush testing. The motor is design to decelerate the gate in the last metre of closing or opening to decrease the potential impact of crushing.


They are rated for a high use gateway where there is a lot of traffic in and out. The low voltage ensures reliability even under constant use. No over heating problems! Ideal for multi property access through one single driveway entrance.


The 24volt Automation system can also have a battery back up. In the case of a power cut the control panel will activate the emergency mode and switch over to the auxiliary batteries.


The 24volt Automation system has obstacle detection inside the property. I.e. if there are any abstractions as the gates are opening the gates will stop and back off in the closed position. This covers any children’s bikes or vehicles that are inside the property getting in the way of the opening arc of the gates.


Below is a 24v underground automation box and arm.