Underground Automation


Underground Automation

using CAME automation

Underground automation is ideal for ornamental swing gates both wooden and metal. When asked by customers the benefits of underground automation two points are made every time, reliability and aesthetic looks. When designing a set of gates a great deal of time is spent in getting the gate proportions correct,the right materials and the over all finish to the standard the customer requires. With underground automation there is seemingly no motors as they are placed directly under the gate and fixed to the underside of the bottom hinge as illustrated in the below picture. Fitting the motors out of site gives an over all professional look that isn’t interrupted by a rear mounted arm or worm drive. Underground motors are the top gate opener that most automation companies use when placing wooden gate orders. They are strong ,very reliable and are fitted in a galvanised or stainless box underground. When fitted the box requires drainage to relieve any access surface water. The motor its self is completed sealed and can be submerged completely in water when there is a heavy down poor. There are many different makes of under ground motors, CAME,BFT and NICE to name but a few. All offering reliability and ease of use of functionality.
Underground motors on Hardwood pathway gates

High efficiency wooden gate operators

The Underground Gate Opener is sturdy, quiet, and above all electromechanical:
Constructed with a permanent fluid grease lubrication. The fact that it is electromechanical, eliminates the need for periodic maintenance of the motors.
• Underground control system for hinged gates up to 3.5m in length
• Steel foundation casing with special galvanized finish
• Self locking electromechanical gear motors in waterproof aluminum casing (IP67)

All moving parts with Automatic gates must be respected and the necessary security or protections be in place for safety.