Christmas Vigilance

It has been reported that home burglaries and break-ins go up by around 20% in winter, which means that unless you are extra vigilant and up your security; your home has a 1 in 5 chance of being picked on this Christmas. Don’t be just another statistic, invest in a bespoke timber gate and keep thieves at bay.

There are many ways to deter thieves from your home, including locking windows, doors and sheds at all times, keeping keys hidden, having lights on a pre-set timer whilst out of the country and installing CCTV. More information on keeping your family and home safe can be found in a previous article, ‘Secure the Perimeter’.

However, why wait for thieves to turn up at your front door when you can keep them further away by installing gates for your driveway. You can also invest in side gates and bespoke timber gates for your front and back garden, for added peace of mind.

Many of our gates are suitable for home security. Tall, solid designs that are strong and structurally sound, such as our boarded Serpentine Gates and straight top gates for driveways, which provide a substantial amount of cover and protection from prying eyes. Video entry means only screened visitors can gain access, and anyone attempting to climb over would just attract too much attention.

If your property doesn’t have a long driveway, but you do have an access path or an alleyway alongside your home, then the addition of a solid entry pathway gate will prevent people from accessing the rear of your home easily.

Remember, being vigilant and installing preventative measures is a lot easier and more cost effective than replacing stolen goods or vehicles and replacing windows, doors, and locks. Not to mention preventing the emotional distress that comes along with a break-in.

Gates are a sound investment when it comes to protecting your family home. The most popular time for buying a new gate is during spring and early summer, so take advantage of the quieter months and order your bespoke timber gates now, while it matters most.

Mitech is the ultimate wooden gate specialist, and we deliver throughout the UK. Contact us today for more information.


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