Secure the Perimeter!

When buying a house, a lot of money is spent on realising the dream and creating a home.

Furthermore, furnishing your house can be just as costly, but it’s worth it because it’s your home. Over the years, you accumulate family heirlooms and expensive sets of china and crystal, as well as top of the range electronics and gadgets. Add to this the expense of the family car or cars, and you’re looking at a sizable amount of cash, all under one roof.

Surely then, it makes sense to spend a bit extra on protecting your property, too? Perhaps the addition of a wooden driveway gate is the extra security feature you need to guard your worldly possessions.

Burglaries are ten to the dozen these days, so it isn’t surprising that many homeowners are looking to protect their houses from opportunist thieves. So, what is the best course of action for anyone wanting to protect their home?

1) Lock all windows and doors, every time you leave the house.

2) Install a burglar alarm.

3) If possible, get a security camera for your home.

4) Alternatively, motion sensor lights are also an excellent deterrent.

5) Keep foliage, bushes and trees in your garden to a minimum, and well maintained to discourage hiding places.

6) Set electronics on a timer, including lights, TV and radio. This is especially important if you are out for long periods of time or are going on holiday. We’ve all seen Home Alone!

7) Maintain the external appearance of your house. Houses that look less looked after are prime targets for thieves.

8) Replace your letterbox with an external one, or add a letterbox cage.

9) Invest in secure locks for all of your external doors, including internal doors for the garage, where necessary.

10) Secure the perimeter. The addition of a wooden driveway gate will make thieves’ jobs that little bit harder.

These protective measures all go without saying, but here at Mitech Joinery, we truly believe that extending your security measures to the edge of your property with an electric wooden gate is a strong enough deterrent to render other options obsolete. Standing strong and foreboding, our bespoke wooden gates are indispensable when securing your home.

Automated entry makes access a doddle for your family, but keeps intruders well and truly locked out – getting caught climbing over is likely to attract too much attention for thieves – keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Contact Mitech for more information on our range of wooden gates today.


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