Designing Wooden Gates (A customers point of view)

Customers approach us at Mitech Joinery with a varied idea of what they want or require. It can range from having no idea, other than they need to keep animals, children or property safe or in, to having a good idea that the style should be in keeping with what they have going on in and around their property.

Working with the client’s ideas is a skill all on its own. Translating their ideas into a working and structurally sound design that won’t let them down long term.

So when approached, the customer’s agenda will be varied. We need to take all of their needs and thoughts and start to formulate a working, live design that could be manufactured. We start with basic questions like ‘what do you want to achieve with your gates?’ or ‘are they for security or to outline a boundary or drive entrance?’ More than often the customer may have an existing set of gates that have come to the end of their usable existence. Then they may just want them re-making like for like. This, I must admit, isn’t a favorite job of mine as I like to create a set that represent a purpose, design and feeling that may reflect the customer or the customers surroundings.

This leads us on to the varied designs that are around today. For many years wooden gate designs have been quite a traditional format. From solid boarded, six foot high, to five bar, rural-looking farm gates. In today’s modern times, a contemporary style is becoming more favorable. At our disposal, there are readily available new materials, of which we can incorporate in the more modern looking gateway. Glass, stainless and steel are often used in combination with wood. Opening up the possibilities of new and exciting designs is the key objective for us at Mitech. Recently we completed an installation in Newark, where we worked closely with the customer to come up with a gate design that reflected the modern look of their new bungalow. Designs were drawn up and ideas shared to produce the picture you see below. When the manufacturer-customer relationship ends up with a finished product that represents the client’s needs and ideas, along with the working experience of the company, then you know you have embraced every aspect of the project and achieved the best results all round.

‘Mitech joinery did an absolutely first class job of the gates we had fitted in July 2015. From the initial ideas through to the fitting we found the process to be very smooth and professional. The design was particularly important to us and the attention to detail was something that we had a given a lot of thought to. Robert was able to make our ideas a reality and we have been left with the most stunning gates and fencing to match that we could have asked for. We would like to thanks the whole team for their efforts and would highly recommend them to anyone else interested in buying bespoke, fitted gates.’


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