Hardwood Gates Nottinghamshire

Building a good relationship with customers is extremely important, even more so when they decide to instal the gates them selfs as in the gate project below with a set of Hardwood Gates Nottingham.

Providing the correct information for them to have a hassle free installation can some times be a little challenging.

So going through every aspect of the gate project is imperative . Swinging gates is far from rocket science, but if done in-correctly it can create unnecessary work and heart ache.

A customer in Nottingham had two old post and a set of softwood gates that had seen better days. We provides them with new Oak post,adjustable hinge wear and a pair of hardwood Five-bar gates.

The customer was no new be at engineering and was going to automate them after a manual instalation using rear mounted worm driven motors. This is stage two of the project if your looking at the pictures for a motor.

On delivering, I went through all aspects of hinge wear and what tolerances to allow.

A simple thing like installing the Oak post leaning away from the centre allows the post to settle in the upright position, instead of slowly tipping towards the ground.

Rear mounting the gates gives you ability to adjust the gates towards the post without running out of room.

I look forward to visiting the Nottingham installation to see how the customer has gone on with the Automation.


Palasade Five Bar Nottingham front
Pair of hardwood Five bar gates in Nottinghamshire.

Palasade Five Bar Nottingham Rear 2



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