Painting Wooden Gates

Painting Hardwood Gates Crime or a blessing?

Painting Wooden Gates is getting more popular thats for sure. When refer to painting I am referring to the covering up of the beautiful grain (with an opaque colour) we have all come to love in wooden gates. I have herd all types of reasons for why wood should never be painted. The most obvious reason is due to its organic looks. Staining is an alternative to paint that protects the timber and yet with the correct translucent type of stain can enhance the natural colours of the timber. Both paint and stain if of a good quality will allow the timber to breath(Micro porous). Back to the concern in point. Is it criminal to paint wood? Well from a purist point of view YES! From necessity then NO! Every different type of instalation and application will carry a set of parameters that manufacturing and over all design has to follow wether we agree or not. It may be a conservation area or the general style of a village or street.

The below gates have been painted with a water base paint system. With this particular style it can pay off to paint them as panels on large hardwood gates can be grumpy! In todays modern world materials like Accoya have come on to the market which are perfect for this style of gateway as there is minimum heave value to the timber and ideal to paint. Hardwood can be tricker to tame and need a greater allowance and understanding. Over all though a great look in front of a magnificent property.


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