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Spring Clean your Home and Garden

The tradition of a very thorough and deep clean of the home as we enter spring is a practice that began as a way of preparing the home for warmer climes following winter. However, these days it is more than that, it is also a means of de-cluttering and ensuring our homes are as safe, secure and as efficient as we want them to be.

When you get round to your spring clean, be sure to remember that protecting your home is just as important as the clear up. It is vital that fire alarms are checked and batteries are changed as necessary. It is also worth being vigilant and installing security cameras, or, perhaps looking for wooden gates for sale; this could help to deter potential thieves from entering your property in the first instance entirely.

We have scoured the internet for spring cleaning tips and have compiled some advice from our team here at Mitech, too.

Spring Clean – Your Home Deep clean each room from top to bottom; start with the most used rooms first, then move on to others that are less frequented

Dust everything thoroughly – remember your light fixtures and bulbs!

Clean your windows and doors

Clean skirting boards, door frames, window frames, and walls

Clean furniture, carpets and upholstery

Polish wood and metal in your home

Organise and de-clutter your possessions. Streamline as much as possible, donating the rest to charity

Redecorate as and when necessary to liven up your home, or if you are in need of a new look

Spring Clean – Your Garden Power wash your exterior walls to freshen up their appearance. You can also repaint, if necessary

Power wash your patio

Freshen up the paint on exterior doors

Clean your gutters

Clean and repair garden furniture

Remove weeds and dead plants to make way for fresh new flowers of the season

Repair any damage to fencing and gates caused by bad weather over the winter

Spring Clean – Your Security Ensure your valuables are hidden away in your home, as opportunist thieves might take a fancy to that tablet you left on the dining room table

If you are away for a few days, draw your curtains

Park your cars in a garage where possible

Secure your home with security cameras for extra peace of mind

Consider buying a wooden gate for your driveway to make it harder for thieves to enter your premises and property

If you are looking at wooden gates for sale in the Midlands, then look no further than Mitech Joinery. Not only are our wooden gates outstanding quality but they are also handmade to your specifications, and our experts pride themselves on ensuring that they fit your environment perfectly.

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