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Timeless Garden Trends

Every year there seems to be a new ‘hot list’ for every budding gardener to consider before they don their gloves and head outside to dive into an overgrown flower bed. While it is, of course, fun to change things up based on yearly trends, it can also get quite expensive and labour-intensive, so we’d suggest thinking about adhering to some time-honoured garden design trends that never slip out of style.

Welcome to the Secret Garden

There’s just something magical about wooden gates. UK weather doesn’t always provide the best backdrop for the archetypical secret garden entrance, but even in a downpour, a well-constructed gate leading to your garden can almost create an atmosphere before you’ve even seen a single flowerpot. Not only do wooden gates provide much-needed security and privacy, the sheer range of finishes available means you can truly create a bespoke entry. Check out some designs in our gallery.

The Water Feature

From ornamental figures and old-time style devices with a stream running through, right up to modern and minimalist geometric designs, a good water feature will breathe life into your garden, year after year. You can even choose to keep a cohesive theme and choose your wooden gates at the same time; this way you can change up your plants each summer for a complete refresh.

A Place for Wildlife

Whether big or small, a garden that is thriving with wildlife is incredibly enjoyable, particularly in the summer months. Think colourful plants that attract birds and insects, and thickets and hedges that provide shelter for animals like hedgehogs.

Pots for Everyone

From the traditional rustic brown ceramic pot to the more modern and angular block pots in striking shiny finishes; there is no shortage of storage when it comes to your flowers and plants. Pots are great if you don’t have the space for flower beds, and they represent the best in easy care; simply water regularly! Potted plants also make a great starting point for climber plants to wrap magically around your wooden gate for a homely and welcoming garden entrance.

Whatever your particular style, the key to having a trendy garden that works for you starts with ensuring security and privacy. Quality wooden gates in a variety of finishes can help you achieve this; just ask us how!


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