Track Sliding wooden gates

Sliding Gates are getting more popular! Space saving,sleek looking and reliable to operate when installed by an experienced team. If you have space to the side you can maximise the area inside your property for parking your vehicles.

There are two main types of sliders, Counter leaver and track slider. The pictures below show the chassis of a track slider.

A track slider does as its name depicts , it slides on a track that is concreted in the ground. You can see in the below pictures that you have the toothed rail which the motor gearing attaches to.

Then the guide rail which is at the top of the gate to stabilise the wooden gate as it runs along. In the case of our wooden track sliders we manufacture the front of the gate to hide the chassis .

So on approaching the gate you are not able to see any of the nasty metalwork, just the timber.

Safety is a big concern on all electric gates even more important on sliders. If you look carefully on the end of the gates you can see a rib called (Crush Ribs).

When these are depressed the gate halts all action and backs up to safety. All potential areas of trapping should be covered on any electric gate installation. Either beams or crush ribs to protect any possible trapping area.

Hardwood gates are ideal to put on sliders as when manufactured in two halves they look like a normal opening pair of beautiful hand crafted gates with the benefit of the automated sliding mechanism. I will cover counter leave sliders in another article.

MPR Slider 1 MPR Slider 2 MPR Slider 3 MPR slider 4


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