Wooden Gates in Ascot, UK

Giving a nationwide service is an imperative part of our wooden gate manufacturing business.

We get enquiries over most of the uk for our purpose made wooden gates. Working with customers over a distance takes a fair bit of collective work and organisation.
With the correct guidance we have achieved many projects that are some distance away from us. The area of Ascot has one particular
job where there were two Oak post and a pair of straight top gates required. The aim was to install in one visit, using rapid setting concrete we could
dig out the post hole ,install the new oak post and then swing the gates thirty minuets later. Careful measurements by the customer and allowing a little
margin of tolerance the job when smoothly. An early start is essential part of being on top of the project and allowing your self the time to
be thorough. It was a joy to work with in throwing distance of the infamous Ascot Racers and also to be surrounded by such beautiful properties.
I look forward to revisiting Ascot soon for another successful Hardwood gate installation.


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