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Hand Built Art Deco Accoya Gates

How do you set about making a pair of Art Deco gates? Well in this case wall paper! Yes wall paper! Whilst looking through different architectural designs of houses, interior design, furniture and some pictures sent from the client, I came across the typical criss cross pattern on a wall that is used in both Art Deco and Oriental design. To encapsulate this into functional parts of the gates was the task, which ended up with the design in the enclosed pictures.

I think the end result for all three sets of gates hits the spot. Sat pride of place in front of the most beautiful Art Deco house in Cornwall couldn’t have been a better backdrop for all the hard work the guys here at Mitech put in. The machinists, bench joiners, fitters and office staff, the comments below are for you, and sum up this years work.

Customers comments,

“This is the second time I have had the joy of having gates made by Robert’s company in the past 12 months – once in Leicestershire but this time 3 pairs of gates for my home in Cornwall . It would be impossible to criticise any aspect of the process on each occasion : very clever bespoke design on both occasions – working with my own basic ideas as a start point ; seamless built and fitting by great members of the team ; beautifully made and finished gates of REAL quality craftsmanship and finish ; perfect fitting and such an efficient and nothing’s too much trouble stance from start to finish . Never ever have I had so many neighbours from the road comment voluntarily upon the style and calibre of the gates . I feel very fortunate to have been recommended to Mitech by a true craftsman joiner in Leicestershire who has done small works for me for a decade and I believe in ‘value for money’ meets’ you get what you pay for’ : rest assured , I hold Mitech in the highest regard.”

Much appreciated Ian.



  1. We want an elec sliding gate and have been told it cant be over 1m high without planning permission,and if we went for planning still prob want get it!, any tips,?


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