Wooden gates manufacturers

When wooden gates manufacturers purpose make hardwood gates, we always use traditional joinery methods that have worked for centuries of craftsman. All our joints are full through mortice and tenon wedged pegged and glued. When gates are first machined they are dry test fitted to ensure that the joints have an optimum snug fit which […]

Gate hinges for wooden Gates

Hinges are one of the most obvious items required when swinging any type of gates. Yet they are often not utilised to their fullest potential. Some of the hinges you can see in this article have been made to brace out the corner of the #woodengate. Some gate designs don’t lend them selves from an […]

Garden Gate for Sale – Glimpses of Ecstasy

As a wonderful addition to your abode, garden gates can actually provide a glimpse to visitors of what to expect from the garden itself. Whether it’s a riot of colours, or a sleek piece of craftsmanship or else a subtle exemplification of delicate art- a gate duly framing your garden can offer a beautiful view […]