Ordering your wooden gates

Ordering your wooden gates couldn't be easier at Mitech Joinery LTD the wooden gate specialists. In this news article I shall be looking at a recent installation placed by a customer (Fred) in Hertfordshire. On initial contact with Fred I went over the basics of his gateway with a series of questions designed to collect [...]

Wooden Timber Gates

Choosing the right timber species for your gates. Wooden timber gates are an aged proven material of which today many gateways are made from. The question I get asked most days is which timber species should we use to make our gates from. Well there are two sides to the answer of this question of […]

Wooden Gates in Derby

Wooden Gates in Derby are an imperative part of our customer base. We have pleasure in writing about a recent project in Holbrook , Derbyshire. The customers remit was to make secure the side of their property leading down to their garden and the back of the house. The position of the gate was between [...]

Wooden Gates at Mitech Joinery

Wooden gates at Mitech Joinery has been our main hand made crafted product over the years. During this time the way in which the gates are built and finished has developed with new products from, glues,hinges,paints and stains. The importance is embracing the new materials and incorporating them into the product today. Stains and paints [...]

Wooden Gates in Hertfordshire London

The need for wooden gates in Hertfordshire London is on the increase. Properties at the start of the year have been purchased and people are looking at improving the gateway. Enquiries come through our sales office here in Derby and we have to put together the correct style and guide the customer through a collection [...]

Oak Hardwood Electric Gates

Oak Hardwood Electric Gates Eaton College Windsor required a thorough fare set of gates to regulate the movement of cars through the Parade Yard set in the College grounds. A parcular design put together by Landform Architects to limit car movement to the Parade yard and yet allow pedestrian access for students and staff alike. […]

Purpose designed wooden gates

Some times a Purpose designed wooden gates job comes a long that throws down a challenge to which is the best way forward with achieving every objective in front of you. A client from Portsmouth has a four metre wide drive way of which there happens to be a tree set back in the way […]

Stained Wooden Gates

Fifty Shades of Stain. What is the right treatment for your Hardwood Gates? Any form of timber that is going to have a chance of withstanding the elements of British weather is going to have to be prepared for the barrage of environmental abuse ahead of it, when it is fixed or swung in its […]

Choosing the right quality wooden gates.

When it come to choosing the right quality wooden gates there are so many different styles,qualities and timber types which could be a daunting though for any potential customer. I am using the project shown below as a talking point for the fundamental things that you should look out for when thinking about what type [...]

Painting Wooden Gates

Painting Hardwood Gates Crime or a blessing? Painting Wooden Gates is getting more popular thats for sure. When refer to painting I am referring to the covering up of the beautiful grain (with an opaque colour) we have all come to love in wooden gates. I have herd all types of reasons for why wood […]