Made to Measure

When it comes to decorating your home, there are so many different colours available, so many different patterns, textures and finishes that you can really get your personality across with easily. With the right accents in your furniture and accessories, you can make your home your own relatively quickly. Not many people where the same [...]

Christmas Vigilance

It has been reported that home burglaries and break-ins go up by around 20% in winter, which means that unless you are extra vigilant and up your security; your home has a 1 in 5 chance of being picked on this Christmas. Don’t be just another statistic, invest in a bespoke timber gate and keep [...]

Gateways to Rely On

At Mitech, our goal is to provide the highest quality gates that are made from the very best materials, all at a budget to suit your needs. We plan, design and manufacture your gates on site to ensure our high standards are met every time. We take our business seriously because keeping you safe and [...]

The Grandiose Gesture

We live in a world where appearance counts for a lot, and keeping up with the Joneses is something we all strive to do, in one way or another. We keep our gardens nice, we get together for community events, we redecorate on an annual basis, and when next-door-down-but-one got a water feature, the whole [...]

Secure the Perimeter!

When buying a house, a lot of money is spent on realising the dream and creating a home. Furthermore, furnishing your house can be just as costly, but it’s worth it because it’s your home. Over the years, you accumulate family heirlooms and expensive sets of china and crystal, as well as top of the [...]

The Artistry in Carpentry

The artistry in carpentry is a balance between functional ability, overall design, and construction techniques. There are so many different types of products made in wood today, that having the overall experience to pull off every project to the professional letter would be almost impossible. The true artistry is in being able to translate the […]

Ordering your wooden gates

Ordering your wooden gates couldn't be easier at Mitech Joinery LTD the wooden gate specialists. In this news article I shall be looking at a recent installation placed by a customer (Fred) in Hertfordshire. On initial contact with Fred I went over the basics of his gateway with a series of questions designed to collect [...]

Wooden Timber Gates

Choosing the right timber species for your gates. Wooden timber gates are an aged proven material of which today many gateways are made from. The question I get asked most days is which timber species should we use to make our gates from. Well there are two sides to the answer of this question of […]

Wooden Gates in Derby

Wooden Gates in Derby are an imperative part of our customer base. We have pleasure in writing about a recent project in Holbrook , Derbyshire. The customers remit was to make secure the side of their property leading down to their garden and the back of the house. The position of the gate was between [...]