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General Office: 01773 570577

Sales: 01773 741730

Email: robert@mitechjoinery.co.uk

Welcome to Mitech Joinery LTD

Mitech Joinery was founded in 1989 and is based in Derbyshire. Over the twenty five years of making gates we have put all our experience into the end product that comes out of our work shop today. We pride our selves on using traditional time proved methods with the technology that’s found in a modern day workshop. Hardwood Gates have been the main focus of our workshop over the years and since first starting we have managed to build up an impressive portfolio of gate designs that you can find on our web site.

We source the finest materials from companies that have supported us over the years. Our timber comes from renewable resources and is chosen for its mellow yellow color and its hard wearing exterior properties.

Our staff have the best machines and tools to hand and the experience that’s been passed from one team member to the next. The workshop is a family affair and we treat each set of gates as if they were made for our own houses.

Follow three steps to achieve your perfect gate.

How to get your Gates in

How to get your gates in three simple steps

Step One

Have an idea of the width and height of the gap where you want to put your gates.

Step Two

Have in mind what you want to achieve from the gates themselves. Safety, privacy or a statement of house holds security. Browse the various pictures on our site for ideas

Step Three

Phone us on 01773 570577 and we will be able to give you a good idea of cost of your project over the phone.

Design Process

Derby-Hardwood-Pathway-Gates Essex-Hardwood-Close-Boarded-Gate-Tudor-style London-Serpentine-Spindle-Gate

All Gateways are CAD drawn and e mailed to you for confirmation. The drawing gives you an actual proportioned view of what your gates will look like to scale. This avoids a lot of mistakes potentially happening and peace of mind that you can look forward to a successful installation


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